Thursday, December 22, 2005

Raari raariram Raro.. !!

Raari raariram Raro.. !!

One of most favorite song from my all time favorite singer " G Venugopal".

This song is an amazing number from G Venugoapl for the movie " Onnu muthal poojyam vare" and it was his maiden song.

G Venugopal started his singing career in the film "Onnu Muthal Poojyam Vare"(1987) and since then has sung in more than 280 films and has over 250 cassettes to his credit. The many awards he has won including the coveted Best Playback Singer (Kerala State) which he has won twice.

1.1988 - Song 'Unarumee Gaanam',Film - Moonnaam Pakkam,Music - Ilayarajah
2.1990 - Song 'Thaaney Poovitta Moham',Film - Sasneham,Music - Johnson

I am dreaming the day am meeting him in person..Insha allah,the most common word here in "gulf" to express the hope..!!

Listen my version of this song..!!

Lyrics follows..

Raari raariram raaro..paadee raakkili paadee..(2)
Poomizhikal pootti melle..neeyurangi chaayurangee..
Swpanangal poovidum pole...neeele...
Vinnil venthaarangal mannil manthaarangal
Poothoo venthaarangal poothoo manthaarangal raari raariram raaro..

Kannippoomaanam pottum thingal innenteyullil vannudichu
Ponnomal thingal pottum maanam innente maaril chaanjurangi
Poovin kaathil mantramothi..poongaattayi vannathaaro (2)
Eee mannilum aa vinnilum ponnomal kunjinnare koottaay vannoo..

Eee mulam koottil minnaminni poothiri koluthumee raavil..(2)
Snehathin daahavumaay nammal sharonin theerathinnu nilppoo..(2)
Eee mannilum aa vinnilum ponnomal kunjinnare koottaay vannoo..



.:: Rosh ::. said...

Wonderful song, well sung too. I am glad the link is working faster now. Had to wait for a long time to listen to your first post.

Kiranz..!! said...

Thanks voice ..!!

Anxious to voice's voice from the upcoming album..!!


rocksea said...

great nostalgic song and you've sung well. great that you've put the lyrics along, i was able to sing along ;) hey i will email you asking the music so that i can practice myself ;) don't worry, am not a singer hehe.

Kiranz..!! said...

Thaks rockseez..Great knowing that you loved this song..Itz one of my most fav song.

BlueByrd said...

Awesome Job such a lilting song. Has a soothing melody thats leaves a sweet tinge of honey drippin every place from the inner ear ! Excellent cover !! You sing great ! Keep the party alive !

Kiranz..!! said...

Blubyrd,Thanks for your soothing comments too..!

Anonymous said...


I really love this song very much that I can never expain. It was really great of you to create such a version of your own & make others also feel good. Good job. Wish you all the best for your future.

Well wisher

Anonymous said...


I really love this song very much that I can never expain. It was really great of you to create such a version of your own & make others also feel good. Good job. Wish you all the best for your future.

Well wisher

sudeep said...

thanks.. found it here:) (i had posted a comment earlier asking for these lyrics).

small correction in lyrics:
there's a line
"snehatthin daham tharattaayee..
raree rareeram raro.."
in the repeat line it becomes
"Snehathin daahavumaay nammal sharonin theerathinnu nilppoo.."

thanks thanks!

Latha said...

This is my all time fav song! Have sung it too well! Good going! :))

Latha said...

Hey u have sung just 2 lines of Oru u have the full version sung by you...ondangil upload it naa..u have sing the initial part well!!!

Kiranz..!! said...

Hi Latha,Have a look at here for the full version of Oru rathri koodi..!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kiran, Well sung... Keep up the spirit and practice...


Anonymous said...

Snehathin daahavumaay nammal sharonin theerathinnu nilppoo..
This line is very special for me n my sweet wife.

Swapna said...

Hi, great voice! Good job!

Anonymous said...

Hi...You sang it beautifully.....really sweet!!

Anonymous said...

My daughters favourite, she is listening as I post this comment

Siji said...

lovely song...!!!!! Thanks for posting :) kid slept hearing that!!!!

Unknown said...

I love this song. So beautiful. My kids slept hearing this song also. My teenage songs in 80's


mobin said...

heart touching song...

Anonymous said...

hey venugopal sir u r an amazing singer...i love ur songs...the feel u given was exellent....after this much yrs this song is still a super hit bcoz of u.......

Anonymous said...


Can u plz translate this song for me? I jst love to listen this song bt unfortunately, i dont follow its meaning.


Kiranz..!! said...

Its a lullaby in malayalam.

Vijay kumar said...

Hello Mr.Venugopal,

I had an opportunity to see you at Ottappalam railway station some 10 year ago.Those days I was not very familiar with the songs of the 80s and I didn't know how great you are.

In the subsequent time I was thoroughly exposed to Malayalam songs and I realised how I missed an opportunity to shake hands with you at least.

Mr.Venugopal,you are a great singer and you have a class of your own.I don't think if we have any other singer who can carry such pathos in his singing......May god bless you to sing more and more songs in future so that people like me can get lost in their melodies !

Warm regards and best wishes......T.P.Vijaykumar

Kiranz..!! said...

Dear Vijay Kumar, The song here is a cover version from me and i have conveyed your message and wishes to the original singer G Venugopal today :)

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